Ableism and Living Situations

  • The ableist system set in place, in order to be approved to live off campus.
    • This is important because there are people who have special needs to live off campus, and when Transy consistently approves people to “live with their parents” they disable people from getting the treatment they need. They made me sign over my Hippa rights for 90 days; so the least they can do is check and see if mom and dad went from a 4 bed 3 bath house, to a 2 bed 1 bath fratcondo on second street.
    • Change is easily foreseeable, because the biggest impediment in this issue is the fact that so many people suddenly flooded the student life with “doctor’s notes” for illness, when only 9% of the school is registered with disability services or has a medical disability already addressed. How it can be fixed is by requiring people to follow the bureaucracies already set in place to weed out these suddenly “sick” people. I registered with disability services the second I walked on campus. It was not hard.
    • My classmates should vote on my topic because this addresses a direct issue on our campus. Mental health is commonly swept aside, and a sure fire way to attack this issue is by helping students achieve their optimal level of treatment. Also, if the school can deny my doctor’s note to live off campus, imagine where else they can deny people medical treatment.

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