Heller Article Response

“The New Activism of Liberal Arts Colleges” by Nathan Heller denotes many issues in his article, but maintains a certain theme of silence, secrecy, and over all a lack of tested protective methods. What I mean by this is that a school can claim something like “equity for all”, but do nothing to bridge the the unequal gap. Oberlin was held accountable by its students and more specifically its students of color. This connects to my topic, which is the need for sensitivity training with safety officers on college campuses. The students of color on Oberlin’s campus did not feel that the school met their needs specifically, and our proposal for change can help bridge this gap by making people more aware of the needs of specific demographics. This training would help administrators and members lower on the bureaucratic chain to do their jobs more efficiently, and create policy ahead of the needs that are challenged. This would also help in training the faculty in staff in mitigating the complexities of intersectionality. Which would help prevent the occurrence of minority stress in situations like these.

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