Stakeholder: Marc Matthews

My research into Marc Matthews and his affiliation and responsibility with DPS was very inconclusive. President Carey claims that transparency is one of his major issues he wishes to tackle, but yet there is a major gap in the availability of information in public forums. What I mean by this is that this information is not easily attainable, and would require the use of excessive information and encounters with administration or members of bureaucracy. This can make people feel disavowed from doing further research into their issues. Also I do not know what Marc Matthew’s credentials were in the field of public safety, but the head of Finance and Accounting should not be in charge of that division. If you take into consideration that budgeting should be their only connection, then that would imply that our safety is held accountable by the budget and not the safety of the public. It could also mean that Chief might not be held accountable by the administration, and that there is no system of due process in the acquisition of evidence and the specific procedures DPS should follow in the maintenance of public safety. All in all, my research has led me to believe that transparency on our campus is only attainable with the abandonment of the privacy of what you are researching.


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