Sea’s Response

Sea’s article brings ups many valid points in the discussion of spreading ideas. She mainly focuses on her virus like analogy to explore the idea that ideas spread from human to human interaction. This applies to my topic of student relations with DPS by providing a medium for the dissemination of information and ideas. If this method of information sharing were to be implemented, we would need to be careful to not lose the over reaching point. Social media can help and hurt social issues by enabling the contagion like virus of rhetoric, which is why the original presentation of the concept needs to be clearly stated is incredibly important. Alongside this it is important to consistently maintain whatever virus is being used, in order to protect it from rhetorical evolution. Emotion in my opinion is a key catalyst rhetoric evolution, because everyone will have a different perception of what is being dictated. In the case of DPS fear is the key evolutionary emotion. People need DPS to feel protected, but when they move from security functions to radical policing then they become feared. People can make our virus more radical and dangerous the more they spread it, but people who have yet to feel the fear are in a more privileged and protected point of view.

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